Saturday, August 25, 2012



Beadfest 2012 was terrific!  I always look forward to August, and Beadfest Philadelphia.  I am fortunate to live just an hour away, and I try to attend each year.

This year, I went on Friday, and while there were crowds everywhere, I was happy to be able to chat with some artists while making my purchases.  That is always fun.  I love to talk with them about their designs, and find interesting information about their whole process.  I love that personal contact.  It has so much more meaning when creating a design using pieces that were handcrafted by someone I know.

There are many very talented artists out there, here are a few of my designs created from their work.  I love to create one of a kind designs, and I am very happy with the results.  So, thank you to the amazing artists sharing your work and your stories.

Here are my designs using beads by artists of Beads of Clay that are shown below:  Joan Miller Porcelain, Jenny Davies-Reazor, and White Clover Kiln.

'hope to see you all next year.

                                                        Chris White - White Dog Jewlery