Friday, July 13, 2012

Hello Everyone,

I am so delighted to be a part of Erin's Simple Truths Celebration.  She is an amazing artist.

I am fortunate to have a few of her pieces, and especially excited about having one that is custom made.  My favorite quote is "Seize The Day".  So, naturally, I had Erin make one of those for me.  I kept it rather plain and simple, and I love that I can wear it with anything, any color, any time I want.

I also own an old Woodsy Owl, and a whimsical Motley Owl.  Pictured are my designs, in keeping with a nature theme, designed with natural gemstones, highlighted by those wise, old owls.

I hope you like them.  I happen to love them, and love wearing them.  They ALWAYS get noticed!  =)

Happy Blog hopping!
Thanks Erin!

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  1. Chris...these owls are popular! I love the color of the stones you used and like the weight of the pieces...wish I could wear one of them. Beautiful!

    Shelley Graham Turner

  2. I love the Woodsy owls! I like that you kept your designs simple. Beautiful pieces!

  3. I agree muted tones are so perfect for the charms, naturally, and charmingly.

  4. I love Erin's owls and what you've created with them is wonderful. The gemstones and muted colors are perfect.

  5. Such great colors you chose. Great pieces.

  6. Awww.... how sweet! I love checking in on the owls after they have flown my coop! I think that both of these are so very wearable and fun. I bet they are great conversation starters! Thank you for participating in the Simple Truths Celebration blog hop! Enjoy the day. Erin

  7. Beautiful work with one of my fav pendants!

  8. It is so much fun seeing the owls take on a new life, pretty!

  9. Those owls are adorable Chris! I'm partial to gemstones too and I think they are the perfect pairing for the pendants! Beautiful!

  10. Oh the owls go so well with the gemstones don't they? Love them!

  11. Oh, the colors are wonderful! So eye-catching and perfect with your owl! I would wear either of those any time, love them both! Very successful outcome for both of the owls!

  12. LOVE! The colors are wonderful. The owl colors are brilliant too. I especially love he little birds added to the one necklace.

  13. Fantastic work.LOVE! The owl colors are awesome.The gemstones and muted colors are perfect.
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